A Brief History of Typing
The first commercial typewriter was invented in 1866 by an American named Christopher Sholes. This manual typewriter used mechanical arms
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Artificial Intelligence
The Future of Robots in HR
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are proving to be exciting for some and a concern for others, especially in the HR
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screening selection
The Importance of implementing a robust Screening and Selection Process (& avoiding expensive mistakes!!)
Most managers consider themselves to be excellent recruiters and rave about how great they are at picking the right person for the
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training coaching
Coaching & Training. Don’t Waste Your Time
I've been involved in the delivery of coaching and training, professionally, for around 20 years. Some of it as a
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Why is JobFit so Important?
 There is no greater tragedy in business than putting competent employees into jobs in which they are destined to fail.
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screening selection social media
The Pros & Cons of Screening and Selecting candidates via Social Media
Recruitment is of the utmost importance if you’re looking to succeed with your company. Over the last few years, social
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